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We reward members with educational benefits to encourage learning.

The WhyLearn Philosophy About us

WhyLearn is an online community platform to promote collaborative learning amongst students, tutors and parents. We emphasize on holistic learning for all, regardless of age. Be part of this amazing community to discover the joy of learning.

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  • Attempt eLearning
  • Join workshops
  • Join Learning Groups
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  • Prepare eLearning
  • Organise workshops
  • Create Learning Groups
  • Claim eBenefits

Learn ( For Students )

As students, you can attempt our eLearning programmes to improve your academic capabilities, join Learning Groups to interact with like-minded learners and participate in workshops to enhance your skills.

Try E-Learning

Gain access to our online learning platform that feature over 20,000 questions based on the latest syllabus for national examinations held in Singapore.

Join Learning Groups

Enrol in learning groups that focus on specific areas, such as subject-oriented, enrichment and skills development groups.

Participate in Workshops

Take part in educational workshops that are available for students of all ages, ranging from primary, secondary and JC levels.

Learning begins here

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Teach ( For Tutors )

As tutors, we provide you with the learning tools to create eLearning programmes for subject-specific revision, form Learning Groups to engage your students and organise workshops to impart application skills.

Create eLearning Programmes

Prepare your students for the examinations with our online learning features. You can create questions, upload materials and share learning videos.

Form Learning Groups

Organise your classes better with our Learning Groups that can be public or closed to invited members only. Engage your group members and learn well.

Organise Workshops

Hold educational workshops to impart useful thinking and writing skills for your students. You can notify your students on upcoming workshops at WhyLearn.

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We also reward members with educational benefits. As you participate in the WhyLearn community, you can claim eBenefits that make learning more exciting and meaningful. Get started by signing up and sharing with your friends!