About Us

What is WhyLearn?

WhyLearn is a virtual learning community established to engage, empower and educate students and parents. In this platform, members can access insightful educational resources found in the distinctive Learning Studio and Play Studio. By doing so, we strive to create the best possible learning experience for all.


Our Mission

Our Aspirations

To create a revolutionary education community and engage tech-savvy learners through interactive ways.

Key Features

What you can do

As a WhyLearn member, you can read and write educational articles, attend online learning classes and browse entertaining online programmes. In fact, through your active participation, you will be rewarded with WhyLearn points that can be used to redeem attractive prizes.

Study productively at the Learning Studio

Enroll in academic or enrichment programmes that are available for primary, secondary and JC students. With our versatile range of learning tools, you can listen and interact during the live-streamed classes.

Take a break by exploring the Play Studio

Learning never stops. Even at the Play Studio, we have a wide variety of entertaining programmes to pique your interest. You can watch delightful performances or even showcase your talents in this feature.

Share your views at the Writing Space

We invite you to express yourself at this virtual Writing Space as a dedicated column to discuss various educational matters, ranging from subject-specific study methods to the latest news on e-Learning.

An amazing adventure awaits you.

Become a WhyLearn member to start now.