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As a secondary school student, it is very important for you to be happy while you are in school. This is because when you are happy, you enjoy the time you spend in school more and will naturally be more invested in the school. You will have a more positive attitude towards school and be more motivated to do well. These are all factors that will go a long way in helping students perform better academically. For the fifth and final part of our how to be HAPPY in school series, we will be discussing the importance of enjoying the entire process of being in school making the most of your time as well as summing up the series.

1. Enjoy

You will only be a secondary school student once, make the most of it. School may be tough at times but persevere through the difficult parts and enjoy the process as a whole. Enjoy the time that you will spend with your friends who are growing up with you in this journey. Enjoy the CCAs that you have joined and perhaps even discover a new passion. Enjoy the subjects that you study and continue to be inspired. Enjoy the opportunities that the school gives you and develop yourself as a person. You decide how you want to spend your time in school, make the 4 years a happy and meaningful one that you will remember and look back upon fondly.

2. Learn as much you can

The school is a place of learning, learn as much as you can, be it through the classroom, activities or even about yourself. Learn from other people like your teachers and your friends. Learning is not restricted to just the knowledge you that get from the subjects that you are sitting for. It also consists of the skills that you pick up along the way, how you interact with and manage people and about yourself as a person, what are your preferences, strengths and weaknesses. These are all the things that you really learn from school and are very important in helping to prepare you for the future. Learning is meaningful and it makes you feel more fulfilled and accomplished.  

3. Experience as much you can

Aside from the learning, experience as much as you can. Your school is a treasure trove of opportunities, make full use of it. Experience the joy of mastering a new skill, experience the satisfaction of leading your team to success, experience the warmth of serving the community and experience the way of life of others around the world. Do not be afraid to take on challenges, expose yourself to as many as you can. Overcoming these challenges will help you to develop and progress as a person, making sure that you come out of it as the best version of yourself.

Being happy in school is a choice. You have control over how much you enjoy being in school. Making friends, joining CCAs, studying what interests you, developing yourself through activities and simply appreciating being there are some of the ways in which you can find happiness and fulfilment in school. Being happy makes the process of schooling a more engaging and meaningful one. You will be able to gain so much more out of school, on top of better results, if you genuinely enjoy and want to make the most out of your time there.

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