How to be HAPPY in school

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As a secondary school students, it is very important for you to be happy while you are in school. This is because when you are happy, you enjoy the time you spend in school more and will naturally be more invested in the school. You will have a more positive attitude towards school and be more motivated to do well. These are all factors that will go a long way in helping students perform better academically. Unfortunately, a lot of students do not enjoy the time they spend in school. They dread going to school and studying as they find it tedious and a hassle. Unfortunately, this is not a good approach for students to take. This article will go through some methods in which you can adopt to change the way you view school and become a happier student as a whole.

1. Making friends

For many students, one of the first things that comes to mind when they think of school is their friends and classmates. Having friends is of paramount importance in determining how happy you are in school. Your school friends are the people who go through the entire school experience with you, they are the ones that will have largely similar experience to yours and would be able to relate to how you are feeling. The sense of companionship you get from attending lessons, studying and going to CCAs together helps you to feel more comforted that you are not alone and creates a sense of belonging. You will also spend a lot of time with your friends when you go out for leisure such as watching movies or playing games. Friends share the good and the bad with you and having close friends will go a long way in helping you become happier in school.

2. Joining CCAs

Going to school is not just for studies, there is more to school than purely the academic aspect. There is also the enrichment aspect of school. Find an extra or co-curricular activity to do. There are a wide variety of things that you can choose to join such as sports or culture activities. Secondary school is a time where you are still learning more about yourself, find your passion through these activities and develop them. These are the things that gives you something to look forward to in school and helps you to become happier. It will also be a timely break from the mundane cycle of going to classes and doing homework. Furthermore, you will be able to make like-minded friends who share the same interests and passion as you. Through CCAs, you will be able to develop your skills be it your athleticism or your musical abilities which will help you progress as a person and become far happier.

3. Take subjects that interest you

Being interested in the subjects you are studying goes a long way in determining how happy you are in school. Singapore is a very pragmatic country with a strong focus on science and technology, as such many parents often insist that their children enter the science streams in school and take additional mathematics and the pure sciences over the humanities. However, students may not be interested in the sciences and may have a strong preference for the arts stream instead. This may cause them to lose motivation and be unhappy in school as they are not interested in what they are learning. You will have to convince your parents to allow you to take the subjects you that you want to study. This can be done during the streaming process in lower secondary, make sure you score well for the subjects that you have a passion for. Regardless of the stream you are in, you will develop useful application skills that are transferrable when you attend higher education. It is far easier to learn and study something you are interested in, hence leading to better results in the examinations.

4. Develop yourself through the opportunities available

School is a lot more than just studying, it is a platform full of opportunities. Use the chance to improve and develop yourself through the many programs available in your school. You will feel a lot more fulfilled and good about yourself. When you see the progress that you have made throughout the years and how you have changed for the better, you will be more encouraged and feel a sense of accomplishment. On top of the various CCAs, you can learn a new skill, join clubs and societies, develop your leadership skills by stepping up and taking on student-led projects, go for community service or service learning trips and attend overseas immersion programs. All of this will serve to improve your experience in school as well as add vibrancy and meaning to your life.

5. Enjoy the process

Lastly, it is important that you enjoy the process of being in school. School may be tough and rigorous but it is also the place where you will be growing up and maturing as a person. Enjoy the time spent in school and the whole experience of schooling as you only get to be a secondary school student once. It will be one of the best and most treasured time of your life, even if it does not seem that way now. You have the ability to shape your journey, learn as much as you can, be it through the classroom and other activities or simply about yourself as a person. Develop yourself, make sure you come out a better and more capable person that is exposed to many different challenges. Gain as much experience as you possibly can and this will help prepare you for the future.

It is important for you to be happy in school and to enjoy the time spent there. It helps to keep you motivated and excited about school and will be extremely beneficial for your results. You have the ability to decide how you want to spend your time in school and how much happiness you gain out of it. You can make friends to share your journey with, join CCAs, study the subjects that inspire you, develop yourself through the opportunities the school provide and simply enjoy the schooling process.


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