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As a secondary school students, it is very important for you to be happy while you are in school. This is because when you are happy, you enjoy the time you spend in school more and will naturally be more invested in the school. You will have a more positive attitude towards school and be more motivated to do well. These are all factors that will go a long way in helping students perform better academically. For the third part of our How to be HAPPY in school series, we will be going through how interest in what you are studying helps to inspire you and enable you to perform better. Read on for insights on this topic.

1. Why are students not taking what they want!

Singapore is a very pragmatic country which places a heavy emphasis on the areas of science and technology, as such parents often insist that their children enter the science stream in secondary school and take subjects like Additional Mathematics and the Pure Sciences so that they would be able to get into these courses in future. However, not all students have the aptitude or are interested in these subject. Some students would rather take other subjects, like the humanities, but stop themselves as they do not want to go against their parents. It is important to take what you are interested in as you will be motivated to study and do well for it, it would also be easier as you would not find it boring or a chore as it is something that you are passionate about. This increases the likelihood of you performing better in the examinations.

2. How you can convince your parents

If you are certain of the subjects that you are interested in and want to pursue but your parents are not for it, it is up you to convince them. It may not be an easy task and you have to be really sincere about it, your parents should be able to feel your passion and enthusiasm. They would at least give it some thought and consider if they feel that you are being genuine. In lower secondary, you are exposed to a variety of topics and have to take a streaming examination. You can prove to them your interest and talent for the subject by scoring excellent results for it. This is something that is tangible and your parents will take note of it and who knows, it may even be the turning point for them.

3. Regardless of subject, it is still relevant

Education, especially in secondary school, is not so much about the actual content but the skills you learn from the different subjects. How well you pick up these skills and apply your knowledge should be the main focus. These skills are transferable to higher education and would serve you well, regardless of which subject you take. This means that all subjects are relevant and will help you in your future. You should not let the fear of a subject being seen as ‘dead-end’ stop you from studying it if it is your interest and would make you perfectly happy to study it. Take the leap of faith and go for it, you will be able to make your learning journey a more enjoyable and satisfying one.

Study the subjects that you are interested and passionate in as it will inspire you to perform better for your examinations. Learning something that piques your interest makes you more motivated and willing to go the extra mile to be good at it and this is essential if you want to do well. It will also make your time in school more enjoyable and worthwhile as you would find yourself looking forward to classes instead of dreading them. Being afraid that the subject is not useful or what your parents think you should be taking should not hinder you from studying your passion!


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