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As educators, it is important to ensure that the learning experience of students are appealing, interactive and meaningful. As such, WhyLearn offers an eLearning platform for tutors to develop their very own online learning programmes that can complement their existing lessons, thus creating the ideal learning experience for students.

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Why create eLearning Programmes? Advantages of using the WhyLearn platform

Tutors can utilise the innovative features of WhyLearn to create virtual classes and engage students in interactive ways. Additionally, WhyLearn offers many learning tools to enhance the classroom planning process for tutors such as question setting and class administration features.

Set and store your questions

A mix of question types ranging from multiple choice questions and short answer questions allow tutors to selectively pick out questions to create digital worksheets for class practices.

Create digital eGuides

Tutors are able to develop their very own online learning materials known as eGuides. These digital notes contain useful information for students to grasp key ideas or concepts effectively

Organise your classes

Tutors can invite students to join these classes to access the learning resources privately. Within each class, tutors can introduce questions and notes to create a productive learning session for students

Types of eLearning Programmes

Find out which eLearning programme is suitable for you.

Primary Level

Build your foundation from a young age. Join our eLearning programme to practice different types of questions.

Secondary Level

Advance your learning with our exciting and enriching programmes.

Junior College Level

Be intrigued by our advanced study materials which provides you with the skills needed during your college years.

What else can our engaging tutors do?

Other educational features at WhyLearn

Besides creating e-learning programmes, our tutor can enjoy e-benefits from us and become an education influencer by creating their learning groups and workshops to help their learners.

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