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Do you have an interest in something? Share it with us by creating a learning group! As a WhyLearn member, you can create a learning group which offers many useful features that you can use to learn better in an online community.

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Why create a learning group?

There are many features that you can use in a learning group, such as writing educational articles, participating in purposeful discussions, sharing meaningful videos and organising learning events.

Write Articles

Post articles and share your views on a topic of your interest. Then, publish it and let your family and friends read these articles.

Join Discussions

There will also be discussions related to topics of interest. For example: you can discuss the significance of national identity in the modern world for subjects like GP. After that, members can comment and share their views on a featured issue.

Share Videos

Post learning videos to enhance your educational experience. Furthermore, engage other members in your learning group to share views relating to the educational video content shared.

Organise Events

Hold educational events and gatherings with fellow WhyLearn members to get to know one another better and at the same time, inspire more to join this group.

How to create a learning group?

To form a learning group, follow these three steps: create a learning group of your choice, invite members to join, and engage in educational activities. Start your journey by creating a learning group now.

1. Create

Click "Create Learning Group" and tell us more about the group, such as the group name, description and profile image. You can update the Learning Group details after the setup as well.

2. Invite

After the Learning Group is formed, expand your Learning Group by inviting your friends to join. You can invite both members and non-members to reach out to your targeted individuals.

3. Engage

With a Learning Group formed, organise and participate in educational activities, such as article writing, event planning and media sharing to enhance the learning experience in this sub-community of WhyLearn.

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Other educational features at WhyLearn

Besides starting your learning group, our tutor can enjoy e-benefits from us and become an education influencer by creating their elearning programmes and workshops to help their learners learn well in this platform.

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