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Organise educational workshops to make learning interesting and fun. Be involved in making a positive impact on our community. Teach useful skills like creative writing and public speaking to our learners and help them to develop these skills.

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Why organise workshops?

Starting a workshop is easy when you are a part of our community. Leverage on our extensive resources to create your ideal workshop that will help you grow your influence and make a positive impact on our community.

Positive impact on our community

By conducting these workshops, WhyLearn members will be equipped with useful skills that can be applied to their daily life and as a result, they can create positive impact on our community.

Engage with like-minded people

Get to know like-minded people when you participate in our workshops. From there, you can discuss your views and pursue your common interest with them.

Meet new people

The workshop will allow you to make new friends and this aids in fostering relationships with others. You can even learn something new from them too!

How to organise workshops

Hold a workshop in 3 simple steps. Create an account and be a WhyLearn member. Next, set your workshop name and fill in the necessary details needed. Lastly, tap on our resources to conduct your workshop.

1. Create

Create an account and be a WhyLearn member. By becoming a WhyLearn member, you get to access our online resources and interact with other learners.

2. Fill up

Set your workshop name and fill in the necessary details needed. This ensures that WhyLearn members are aware of the information for the workshop.

3. Choose

Choose from our resources (at exclusive member rates of course). This is definitely something that you will get to enjoy when you become a WhyLearn member.

Want to be part of something exciting?

Organise your own workshop now!

What else can our engaging tutors do?

Other educational features at WhyLearn

Besides starting workshops programmes, our tutor can enjoy e-benefits from us and become an education influencer by creating their learning groups and e-learning programmes to help other learners learn well in this platform.

Engage and Educate

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