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WhyLearn features an online learning platform for students to access insightful information that would aid them in their educational journey. It is bundled with diverse learning tools such as multiple choice questions and eGuides which you can access these useful features for FREE!

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Benefits of eLearning Programmes How we nurture students to improve

Our eLearning programmes are specially-designed to inform, guide and educate students like you.


You can access our eLearning programmes on the go. Whether it is in school, at home, on the bus or train, our programme is always there for you to use.


Learn with a purpose. We aim to make a positive impact during your educational journey with us.


Be rewarded for learning! As a Whylearn member, you will be able to earn points while actively participating on our website to redeem attractive E-benefits and stand a chance to participate in our giveaways.

What We Offer Useful eLearning features

There are many essential eLearning features that benefit students in their study for various subjects. These programmes are available for primary, secondary and JC students

Multiple Choice Questions

Choose from 20000+ questions and practices that help you raise your academic proficiency.

Structured Questions

Based on the latest MOE syllabus, our structured questions allow you to stretch and challenge yourself further. Be in charge and keep track of your learning using our detailed progress report.


Find it a hassle to carry your heavy textbooks around? Worry no more! Our eGuides are specially designed to allow students to have easy access to our notes online and they can learn continuously.

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Level of elearning

WhyLearn is suitable for different levels

Junior College

Find yourself unable to cope with the rigour in Junior College? Our eLearning is there to help you!

Secondary School

Preparing for the next phase of your education? Come and discover our programmes that is based on the latest MOE syllabus.

Primary School

Want to get a headstart in your educational journey? Our eLearning programme is just for you to learn and have fun at the same time.

Other Educational Benefits Wait, there’s more!

WhyLearn offers other educational features as well, namely insightful articles, free workshops and eBenefits.

Knowledge at your fingertips

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