What is WhyLearn learning group?

WhyLearn learning group allows you to gather people of like-minded interests to pursue them together. Connect with both students and tutors on this platform and use it to form interest groups to facilitate more efficient and engaging learning.

From these learning groups, you will updated information from Learning group leader and other members to improve your knowledge and skills about this area of knowledge which is of great interest to you.

We want you to learn well, enrich your knowledge and be a better learner for tomorrow.

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What are the types of learning groups?

Our different types of learning groups focus on three main areas of development which are academic learning, skill development and enrichment nurturing and are most suited for learners at primary, secondary and junior college level. We also hope that these learning groups can be of great help to parents of children of these age as these educational and enrichment learning materials can provide them more insights to help their children in their learning journey.

Academic Learning

Academic learning group are set up to help students prepare for their studies in school. With unique questions and various areas of learning, students will be exposed to a variety of exam questions and train their exam-readiness. Your learning group leader may also provide you useful information to make your study more efficient and productive as you can discuss and debate with fellow students in these learning groups.

Skill Development

Beyond learning about academic topics, we will teach you subject-specific answering techniques which will be useful during examinations. For example, the GP learning group will guide you to improve your GP essay writing skills by providing practice questions. Furthermore, you can also discuss the points with other fellow members and tutors.


We ensure that learning is an enjoyable and meaningful process through enrichment-focused learning groups that introduce fun games just for you. For instance, you can learn the basics of English grammar with the use of examples and practice questions to encourage language application. Also, you can discuss with other members to share what you have learnt.

Why join learning group?

Be inspired to pursue your aspirations with like-minded individuals in this ever-growing education community and participate in meaningful educational activities.

Other Benefits as WhyLearn members

Other than being part of a learning group, you can also redeem eBenefits when you actively participate on WhyLearn. Additionally, you can join our free workshops and elearning programmes which can be accessed anywhere and at anytime!

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How to join a learning group?

To realise the above-mentioned aims, the WhyLearn platform offers many distinctive features, such as article writing and learning group engagement. Be inspired to pursue your aspirations with like-minded individuals in this ever-growing education community.

1. Browse

Explore different learning groups featured at our WhyLearn educational community to find out what suits your interest. Every group features educational articles, gallery and events that are based on topics of interest.

2. Join

Once you have decided on your choice of interest group, click Join Group and the Learning Group Administrator will review your request. You will be notified once the request has been approved.

3. Engage

As a Learning Group member, you can participate in educational activities organised by fellow members, such as discussions and events. Also, you can contribute to the group by writing articles and organising related events.

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