Who we are


WhyLearn is an educational and digital community to empower students, parents and educators to learn meaningfully. In view of the widespread use of technology in our daily lives, we believe that this WhyLearn community will become central point of engagement to promote education.

OUR Mission

To educate, empower and enrich individuals to become inquisitive learners.

  • Educate

    We impart you with the knowledge to think critically.

  • Empower

    We equip you with the skills to write expressively.

  • Enrich

    We nurture you with a curious mind to explore new areas.

Our Values

Our company recognises the importance of these values which become the guiding principles of the WhyLearn community.


Adopt an inquisitive mindset. Asking the “Why’s” is an important approach towards learning as it encourages you to reflect.


Determination is critical to the attainment of educational excellence. Perceive obstacles as learning opportunities to realise your potential.


Education is valuable and should be made open for all. Share what you have learnt with others. Let’s create an inclusive community for learning.

What we offer

To realise your learning aspirations, we have developed an integrated learning platform to build up this ever-expanding online community.


  • Read articles
  • Unlimited workshops


  • Attempt eLearning
  • Join workshops
  • Join Learning Groups
  • Claim eBenefits


  • Prepare eLearning
  • Organise workshops
  • Create Learning Groups
  • Claim eBenefits

Learning made fun and easy

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Other Benefits How else can we learn from WhyLearn

As a WhyLearn member, you stand to gain from our learning groups, eLearning Programmes, register for workshops and claim eBenefits.

Join Learning Groups

Be part of a learning group or create your own with like-minded individuals to share ideas and engage in meaningful discussions.

Try eLearning Programmes

You can access our eLearning programmes on the go. From multiple choice questions to structured questions, challenge and stretch yourself further.

Register for Workshops

Immerse yourself in engaging educational workshops conducted by experienced educators, who will focus on developing skills ranging from creative writing to public speaking.

Claim eBenefits

When you actively participate on WhyLearn, you are able to gain points and you can redeem eBenefits with these points.

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