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Expand and develop your interests and hobbies by engaging with our Play Studio which provides entertainment content. Share your own hobby or find new hobbies to engage in, brightening up the lives of yours as well as others.


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Our Play Studio provides the opportunity for you to find joy and entertainment amidst your hectic education curriculum. Explore the various content available to pick up valuable information and develop yourself holistically.

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Explore your interest in juggling

Learn how to juggle and get in-depth explanations and tips to juggle well!

Learn to JUGGLE 3 BALLS - Beginner Tutorial

How to draw faces

Develop your artistic skills

Learn how to draw faces step by step and draw well in a short period of time!

Decorate your house with beautiful plants

Learn the basics of gardening and start growing your own beautiful plant!

Grow with Me: Gardening Series for Beginners

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